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Attract future clients with a meaningful company-profile

Even more important than you personal profile is the profile for your organization: after all, this is what potential clients will see, when looking for contractors having the skills necessary for their projects. So add your companie’s contact details, hourly rates, product catalogues and especially the services you can offer.

Here are some of the functionalities available for your company page:

  • Keep your company’s details up to date
  • Add services to your profile to acquire more clients
  • Specify price and product lists, and chat with your employees and clients

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Project-Status Chats


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Project-Status Invoices

Manage your invoices here

Create an invoice for this project

  • Edit your invoice and send them directly to your client
  • Use our templates in order to automatically generate an invoice
  • You can add discounts and special conditions to each invoice

Project-Status Overview


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Project-Status Quotes

Find your quotes for your ongoing project here

Make a new quote for this project

  • Manage and edit your quotes
  • Send out binding or non-binding quotes
  • Finalize all details and get the job

Project-Status Requirements

You can manage all requirements for your projects here

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  • Define all requirements for your jobs and projects
  • Get direct feedback from your client
  • Keep all your billable items up-to-date

Project-Status Tasks

All project-related tasks can be found here

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  • Manage and monitor all your current tasks
  • Assign certain tasks to colleagues and co-workers
  • Receive updated task list from your client

Projects (Request for Quote)

You have not requested any quotes for any projects yet

[currently this situation doesn’t exist] Working together with subcontractors? This is where you keep track of these requests.

Sometimes, you acquired a project, but cannot offer all services yourself – this is when you need to subcontract tasks. Effortlessly create and keep track of these requests with Meistersystems.

Here is what you can do:

  • After creating your first project, you can publish it
  • Craftsmen from your area can bid on your jobs
  • But you can also contact them directly and ask for a quote

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Projects (Current)

You have no ongoing projects yet

Track your ongoing project’s progress and optimize on the go

Filtered by current, you will find a list of all your ongoing projects here. This allows you to easily keep track of progress, todos and discussions with your clients.

Some of your options regarding ongoing projects:

  • Manage all your projects with Meistersystems
  • Clarify all details with your clients
  • Monitor the progress of each project at any given time

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Opportunities (Market)

The market is full of opportunities

Acquiring contracts? Nothing easier than that – with Meistersystems

MeisterSystem includes a marketplace, full with projects potential clients in your area want done – sort them according to details such as requested services and find new opportunities for you in just a few seconds.

Here is what you can do on the marketplace:

  • Bid on lucrative jobs in your area
  • Get in touch with potential clients and homeowners
  • Sort out all relevant details with your clients and get the best jobs

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