Create a Meistersystems project

Creating a new project is very easy with Meistersystems – simply go to Projects in the menu, and then click

That’s it – your project is now created, and available in the project overview and drafts section.

Title: ideally choose a meaningful title, so even with several projects in your repertoire, you know immediately what each one is about

Description: you can add a description to specify the project goal or an important aspect of the project

Categories: specifying the services used for the project is a useful tool for planning resources

Project Type: this refers to the type of work planned: Is it a completely new construction, a renovation, or mantenance work? The answer has consequences for your scheduling

Earliest start & Deadline: keeping the project timeline in mind at all times helps to stay on track

Budget: ideally this is agreed upon with your client

Building: here you can add the adress of the construction site or apartment building in whicht the project is conducted – this makes it easier to schedule tasks & tickets, because you can optimize your trips according to location

Files: add any kind of file to help you with your project, such as manuals or pictures

Quotes: all quotes for the project can be found here – or in your opportunities module

Tasks: if you have used a template for a project, tasks will be suggested automatically – but of course you can also add them manually [HOW THOUGH??]

Members: add your teammates collaborting with you on the project with the + sign – if you haven’t done it yet, you will have to add them to your organization first

Contractual partner: this is the household of you client – it’s individual members can be added via the adressbook module

Planning: here, you can schedule tha tasks listed above – for you, your teammates, and your client

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