Onboard your company to Meistersystems

“>Whether you’re introducing Meistersystems to 500 people or 500,000, onboarding large groups is no easy task. This guide will help you introduce Meistersystems to your company in a meaningful way. The highlights Build a team to define how your company should use Meistersystems Explore how Meistersystems can make your company more productive Design Meistersystems to fit your company’s needs and goals Create a plan to launch Meistersystems company-wide 1. Build a launch team Assembling the right mix of people is the first step to a successful launch. Here is an example of possible roles and responsibilities: Internal roles Project ManagerThe main point of contact, responsible for coordinating launch activities.  Executive SponsorThe “Meistersystems Champion” amongst the leadership team who will actively communicate the purpose and value of Meistersystems. Business OwnersThe people who will reinforce the importance of Meistersystems among their individual teams. They’ll identify key use cases and modify them over time.  Workspace Owners and AdminsThe people who will manage your workspace’s settings and preferences and help with ongoing member management.  Change TeamThe people who will educate employees on how to use Meistersystems. They might build a training plan, share best practices and use cases, and provide support. Meistersystems roles* Account Executive (AE):Your main point of contact with a deep understanding of your business needs. Customer Success Manager (CSM):Your AE will connect you with a CSM to help coordinate a smooth launch. Support Team:Our Support team is always here to help if you’ve run into an issue or need help using Meistersystems. *Our Support team supports the majority of our customers’ needs, so not all customers will have dedicated AE or CSM.  Hello! Our Support team is available 24/7 and always happy to help. Get in touch with us if you ever need a hand!

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