Roles in Meistersystems

General “Absolute” Organisational classification

This determines the functionality available. i.e. craftsman have different functionality than homeowners.
e.g. show Opportunities or not OR show Skills in Profile or not.

Craftsman = Pro = Tradesman (de: Handwerker): An Organization with 1…n worker (Craftsman Users) in a skilled trade. Usually has the Contractor role (but could also be Contractee when Sub-Contracting).

Homeowner (de: Hausbesitzer): The owner of a building or building part. Usually also a Contractee.

Landlord (de: Vermieter): Owner of a building or building part who rents it out to tenants. Usually also a Contractee.

Tenant (de: Mieter): Rents a building or building part but can contract a craftsman (e.g. to paint a room). Can be a contractee OR participant of a project where a Landlord is the Contractee.

Role relative to an Organisation (or Person):

Client (de: Kunde): For a Craftsman, a Client is a contractee to one of his/her own projects. A Client is relative to a Craftsman and is NOT an absolute term. A Client could be a Home Owner, Landlord, Tenant OR another Craftsman who sub-contracting them. This organization (or person) would appear in the Craftsman’s CRM as a client (regardless of their absolute role).
A Client could be a registered organization (or private Person) of the platform or not registered (yet).

  • i.e. a Contractee (buyer) which is not registered yet, which a Craftsman defined as a client explicitly, even without an accepted quote or running project is still a client relative to that craftsman. (e.g. in Granny case)

  • a Contractee (buyer) who is registered to the platform and has already signed a quote currently or in the past.

  • Contractees should automatically appear in the Client list of a Contractor.

  • NOTE: we need to find a good term for a Client that is NOT a registered user & a Client who is. The craftsman must be able to use our system with Granny-Case clients who are not Users (or not yet). Suggestion: Reg-Client for a Client for a User who is registered or an Organization that exists in MSys. and a Client-Record if the Client is not registered (yet) but lives in the list of clients or contacts of a Pro.

Project Specific Roles:

  • Bidder: An organization that is bidding to get a contract todo work or provide goods or services for another organization or a person during the bidding phase (not running).

  • Contractee (de: Auftraggeber): An organization (or Person) within a project contracting work to another organization. A Contractee can also be a Craftsman that is contracting another Craftsman.

  • Contractor (de: Auftragnehmer): An organization that has a contract todo work or provide goods or services for another organization or a person.

CRM & Contacts Terminology

A Client Account (aka CRM-Organisation de: Kunde) Or (Lead- & Supplier Accounts) is a CRM entry about a client/lead/supplier of that particular craftsman. It includes the client (organization) with at least one contact i.e. persons who represent or consult the client and may include other related contacts. The account can either be a Company or a Private individual or a team of private individuals (e.g. Bonello Family). But even Private individuals can have multiple related contacts attached to them (like David & Jenny).
There are different types of Accounts: Supplier-Account; Leads-Accounts; Craftsman-Accounts etc.. they behave the same as a Client Account and each have 1…n Contacts

(Client) Contact (aka CRM-user de: Kontakt): Any person whose information I keep in my Contact list / CRM, which is attached to a (client) account. The contact does NOT have to be a registered user, but could be one or could be invited to become one. e.g.

  • a craftsman contact could be Peter Müller of Plumber Ltd.

  • a client contact could be Steffen Poralla of Found Fair GmbH

  • or Peter Schmidt the son of Client Hanna Schmidt

Organisation (aka System Organization): A company (legal entity) or a group of people (e.g. Family) which exists in the system with at least one User (at least 1 Admin)

User (aka SystemUser): A user who has a login to Meistersystems. A user can be a user of a home-owner or landlord or tenant organization or a user of a craftsman organization

Client-User (aka: System-User de: Kunden ) is a registered User which is connected to contact of a Client Account.

Craftsman (aka “Pro” for short): A service provider for construction services. (For a Homeowner-User, we will show contacts of Craftsmen they shared a project with)

Lead: A potential buyer of a project. A buyer remains a lead until a quote is signed. After a quote is signed, (or the pro marked him as a client explicitly) the Lead-Account becomes a Client-Account. Leads are similar to clients but in an earlier stage in the lifecycle. The main difference is whether a client relationship has existed in the past and that leads do not have running or done projects attached to them.

Lead Contact is like a Client Contact.

Account Types are: Client Account; Lead Account; Supplier Account. They represent what relationship exists with the User’s organisation. A Lead is a potential Client. So you can only be a Lead Account OR a Client Account – it does not make sense to be both. But in theory you could be a Supplier & a Client or Lead. e.g. Coca-Cola Company may supply you with Coke but also request your services as a Craftsman.

Client Classification (or Importance): Different types of classification standards for the classification of clients. One is the so-called “ABC classification”.

  • “A” clients OR “VIP” Clients are the absolute best clients that normally lead to 50% to 80% of total revenues. They are normally get full attention from a “Key Account Manager” to take care of them – sometimes even from the CEO.

  • The “B” clients still get personal attention, but from junior sales people. An account manager would normally manage many B-clients.

  • “C” clients are small unimportant Clients usually handled automatically / self-service or from call centres.

Lead-Level Leads can be at different levels in the sales pipeline.

  • cold leads are leads who are not known to the company before. They are “cold” because they are far away from a sale

  • warm leads show interest or even approached the company with an inbound enquiry. They have a higher chance of becoming a client

  • hot leads are very interested potential clients which want to buy and only need to be closed.

Organization members:

  • For a Craftsman User Organization Members are employees of their organization.

  • For Homeowners, they could be family members

  • For Company Landlords, they could be employees of the landlord organization.

Project Participants: All users which have access to a project.

Partner: A service provider who, will support a craftsman in the quoting or realization phase of a project. Typical Partners could be a sub-contractor that a craftsman regularly uses.

Consultant: A service provider who, as part of the client´s team, will support a client in the quoting or realization phase of a project. e.g. Architects

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