What is Meistersystems?

Meistersystems is a smart collaboration platform for efficient construction for homeowners and contractors

We have developed Meistersystems, a SaaS-based intelligent collaboration platform for the construction industry but not only for contractors and professionals because we want to improve the efficiency holistically also on the homeowner side and in the interface to the contractor where so much goes wrong. With Meistersystems, homeowners and contractors can seamlessly interact and communicate throughout the entire duration of a construction project. The objective is allowing all stakeholders to work together efficiently throughout all project phases (idea, requirements, RFQ, quoting, construction, invoicing, billing and maintenance).

The stakeholders can easily communicate using chat, voice, photos, and take formal decisions by answering a structured decision request. Fast, timely and well informed decisions are enabled by having relevant knowledge readily available at the point of decision. The overall goal is to offer a seamless solution encompassing all steps of the construction process, starting with the search for suitable professionals and ending with the completed project’s final approval. Meistersystems is uniquely equipped to tackle the challenges and problems of this industry as the platform offers a wide range of benefits for all stakeholders:

Advanced Seamless Collaboration between ALL stakeholders

  • Multi-party collaboration between homeowners, contractors, their workers and subcontractors.
  • Seamless processes and project management of all steps of the construction process (finding suitable contractors, the bidding process, making project decisions, managing the construction, invoicing and paying bills, subsequent maintenance, etc.) seamlessly involving all parties.
  • True remote and COVID-19-ready management of the construction project with remote task management, remote issue resolving and even remote inspection and handover management.
  • Real-time communication and sharing of important information, documents and  photos, stored safely in the cloud for documentation purposes and to be accessed anywhere and anytime.

“Intelligent” features and structured knowledge to maximize efficiency  

Using ontology, machine learning and crowdsourcing technology, Meistersystems will be designed to structure and re-use as much knowledge and best practices as possible, saving a lot of time and helping to make better and more eco-friendly decisions both on the homeowner and the contractor sides by supplying relevant and well structured information about the entire construction process.

  • Collection, structuring and re-usage of knowledge and best practices, where our shared knowledge is stored in ontologies, knowledge graphs and decision trees (“smart templates”).
  • Decision support leading to more economical, eco-friendly and informed decisions, and thereby increasing efficiency of the project while reducing mistakes. This leads to more efficiently installed eco-friendly systems, thereby reducing the overall CO2 emissions of buildings.

Features of our smart collaborative construction management platform Meistersystems

Meistersystems ’s software platform will offer a range of unique features and tools with a groundbreaking level of automation and efficiency gain:

Smart Templates & Knowledge Graphs:

Best practices are embedded into our smart templates and are constantly optimized and improved by experts and past projects as the learning curve progresses. They include optimized work packages, best practices and detailed instructions. They will be essential for efficient quality installations. All workflows can be optimized and consolidated into best-practice processes by experienced contractors and manufacturers, to be used by all contractors on the Meistersystems platform.

Smart Requirements and Quote Request Matching:

Meistersystems will allow homeowners to define requirements easily by answering questions from a smart template and then request a quote (RFQ) directly from trusted contractors, or publish a RFQ visible to all contractors on the Meistersystems platform. RFQs are matched to the most suitable contractors using machine learning.

Smart Quote Creation: The contractor can clarify all open questions and open decisions over the platform and then create a quote by either importing from a relevant smart template, the owner’s requirements, or a previous quote. The smart templates will already contain the useful standardized structures for the quote which only have to be customized to the situation.

Semi-Automatic Material Orders:

After the quote acceptance, a corresponding material order is automatically generated from the quote and sent via API or eMail to the connected wholesaler or manufacturer to ensure that the materials are available when the construction work on site begins.

Realtime Chat:

The craftsman can communicate with the homeowner via the inbuilt multichannel realtime chat to send photos, messages and voice-messages in an informal way, and notifications will ensure a timely response. This way all important communication is bundled together and not spread in other tools (for example in private WhatsApp chats). This also has legal relevance in case of later problems.

Smart Adaptive Workflows & Critical Path Optimization:

Most construction projects are highly repetitive and standardizable. By offering simple ways to define, standardize, share and enforce repetitive procedures, good planning and pre-structuring of repeated standard tasks will increase efficiency of complex projects. Best practices for all construction processes are embedded into the “smart” workflow templates. This optimized standardized but adaptive workflow can already be pre-set in the smart templates and include log times and required tools for each work item. This includes all required tasks with dependencies and decisions to be taken until a certain deadline. The workflow adapts to the specific situation based on the decisions made on the embedded smart decision-trees. Certain critical steps during the construction process may require photodocumentation or inspection before the installer can move on to the next task as predefined in the smart template.

Inspection Checklists Empowering Homeowners:

Our smart templates will also contain  what to look out for when inspecting the results. These suggestions empower the inexperienced homeowners or contractors to achieve a much higher quality, efficiency and lifetime of the installed system.

Easy Invoicing and Payment:

After a successful installation, completed and inspected work items can be billed to the client with the actual quantities with a few clicks. Owners can then easily check the invoice, raise disputed issues if needed and easily pay using simple payment functionality (via adyen or Clarna). The contractor will have full control of all payment status of all invoices.

Dispute Management:

The consolidation & validation of  invoice items will be massively simplified. The homeowner can easily tag a disputed item. Contractors get very clear overviews of contested issues. Our simple dispute management will help to quickly come to mutual agreements.

Optimal Support & Maintenance Tickets:

This functionality is to manage smaller maintenance and repair jobs efficiently including smart optimization of the resource allocation and dispatching of jobs. Travel times can amount to a large percentage of the time spent. So optimizing travel routes of the installers and avoiding empty idle times is of great essence for an efficient profitable operation and customer satisfaction.

Meistersystems’s features and tools are game-changing all made to ensure a seamless collaboration, communication and project management between all relevant parties combined with as much smart automation and re-usage of knowledge as possible for maximum efficiency. Our mission is also to help facilitate a change towards sustainable materials and processes and more green buildings. We want the construction industry to overcome their challenges regarding sustainability and efficiency.


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