What is “phishing” and how can I safeguard against it?

Phishing is a term used when scammers falsify their identity normally by stating they represent a legitimate corporation or governmental agency. They try to entice the consumer into revealing their personal information such as bank account number, social security number, passwords, or other sensitive data. Phishing attacks can happen through internet, email, regular mail, or by telephone.

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from phishing:

Always keep your credentials, such as your password, your card PINs and your transaction PIN separate and secret
Regularly check your account balance and transaction history. Reach out to our Customer Service if you see anything suspicious
Regularly update your contact information so that we can reach you easily if we see suspicious activity on your account

Important note (!)

Penta will never ask you to reveal your PIN number
Penta will never ask you for a combination of your password and your PIN, be it in an email, in the account or on the phone or chat

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